Major Benefits and Uses of Oxygen Concentrator

Major Benefits and Uses of Oxygen Concentrator

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  • Jul 12, 2022
Major Benefits and Uses of Oxygen Concentrator

If you are facing any lung disease or breathing issue which requires you to utilize supplemental oxygen, then there are a few things you can perform to make it easier to manage these problems. Oxygen provides various advantages and now you have a medical machine-like portable oxygen concentrator, you can now easily breathe while you enjoy freedom and independence. 

What do you understand about Portable Oxygen concentrators? 

Portable Oxygen Concentrator or POC is a type of medical device which helps a person with less level of blood oxygen. This machine can simply plug into the electrical outlets or power by utilizing a battery. If the battery is uncharged, you need to charge it back up by plugging it into the electric outlet. Various oxygen concentrators come along with adapters so that individuals can use this device anywhere. 

For individuals suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD and any other lung-related problem, the precise flow of oxygen is a must. For such patients, oxygen concentrators have become extremely important as they deliver pure and medical-grade oxygen. 

Patients often need concentrators when they are suffering from a condition which causes less oxygen level in their blood. An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that helps to concentrate the room air into pure medical-grade oxygen. With today's modern technology, an oxygen concentrator is designed to be lightweight, free from noise and energy saving. 

People who rely on medical-grade oxygen for breathing will understand the benefits of purchasing a stationary oxygen concentrator from the most trusted Oxygen Concentrator manufacturers in Rajasthan, Aarna Systems And Wellness Pvt. Ltd. 

An oxygen concentrator is widely used as a substitute for a compressed gas container. It helps produces up to 95% oxygen from the room air. These concentrators can be widely used for long-term home O2 therapy. 

As these concentrators are affordable and need fewer hospital visits, this is why they have becomes the ideal choice among various patients. There are various benefits associated with this medical device. Some of them are as follows- 

  • They offer an unlimited oxygen supply as compared to cylinders. 
  • These concentrators don't need to visit another place to get them refilled. 
  • They are more affordable when required for the long-term usage
  • If portable or stationary, they are portable to transport unlike oxygen cylinders
  • They don't require wide maintenance

Doctors recommend the usage of oxygen concentrators for different conditions including acute and chronic.

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