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Body Composition Analyzers

Studies comparing Accuniq with the gold standard for body water
measurement show extremely high accuracy (correlation coefficient R=0.97)
Reappearance Rate (correlation coefficient R=0.99)
Source: Validity of total body water in impedance (X-SCAN)


Easy to move and install Light-weight and foldable impedance body fat meter with sensible design


Management program

Blood Pressure Monitor

Exclusive Bag A, B

ultrasonic extensometer

Thermal Printer

USB memory

Optional parts and software not
considered to be medical devices.

Impedance body fat meter easy to move with the approximate weight of 10kg.

The ACCUNIQ BC300 is a lightweight foldable impedance body fat meter made from a sensational design. Easy to move and install and only takes about 3-5 minutes for use.
There is a special bag made of plastic that can be moved more safely and easily with a soft cloth-type bag and a travel lanyard and wheels.

Fat mass and muscle mass

that can be identified by site (left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, body) In particular, increase in amount of muscle mass or muscle strength of a specific area is particularly effective to people who are in need of muscle increase such as athlete or rehabilitation patient.